ME Nihongo Language and Culture Exchange Inc. was founded and incorporated on February 8, 2006. We are operating as an Educational Institution that provide courses of study in private technical and post secondary non-degree education subject to the laws of the Philippines.TESDA Accredited.

Our Training Center is conveniently located at the 3rd Floor A&M Building, no.397 Binakod Street, Barangay Olympia, Makati City.


Our program has an integrated curriculum, providing students with the chance to learn much more than just the fundamentals of Japanese grammar. We teach students how to integrate into Japanese society, and how to interact with Japanese people in both casual and formal situations. By combining our language lessons with the study of Japanese culture and traditions, students are immersed in the Japanese way of life. The immersion programs integrate all aspects of the language: reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, phonetics, and vocabulary. Accelerated teaching methods allow participants at lower proficiency levels to acquire the language skills needed for effective communication in a short period of time, and advanced students to gain expression proficiency at an abstract level. Topics studied include everyday situations and Japanese culture, society, and history.

  • As Filipino corporations and government increasingly do more business with Japan, the demand for qualified Filipino business professionals, engineers, and scientists trained in Japanese language and culture grows.
  • The ME Nihongo Language and Culture Exchange, Inc. (ME NLACE) helps meet this demand.
  • ME NLACE provides the only program of its kind in the Philippines. A full range of technical Japanese courses is offered using the latest in educational technology. Graduates can work effectively with Japanese engineers and scientists in a research or business environment.


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