1. What are the programs offered?

    We have two (2) TESDA Accredited programs: Basic and Advanced Japanese Language,
    We also Offer: Company Class, Translations, Interpretation, JLPT Class, Business Japanese, Conversational Japanese, Japanese Culture Seminar and many others available upon request.

  2. Is there any requirement/s in enrolling for the Basic and Advanced?

    For TESDA Accredited programs, the students must be at least a high school graduate. Student must submit a copy of his/her birth certificate, high school or college diploma.

    For the Tailor-made program, you just need fill up the registration form.

  3. How much is the tuition fee?

    The rate depends on the program.
    * For Center Basic and Advance Japanese Course: it varies in a one-on-one class or a group class.
    * For Company class program it depends on their requirements.
    * For tutorial classes it depends on the number of hours. The amount will be disclosed upon telephone inquiries or mail inquiries.

  4. Who will be the Trainer?

    The Trainers are Japanese-Native Speakers who completed a 420-Hours of Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (TJFL), English Proficient, has overseas teaching experience, well mannered in Japanese Culture and Etiquette.
    We also have Filipino Trainer applicable for Basic Class Only.

  5. What are the schedule of the class?

    For Center Class, Weekdays would be 3x a week, 2 hours a session.
    Weekend would be every Saturday Only, 4-5 hours a session

    For Company Class, it will depend on the request of the company.

  6. What are the terms of payment?

    For Center Class, Installment payments up to two (2) times are allowed without interest.

  7. How many number of students per class?

    For Center Class we accommodate maximum 6 students per class;

    For Company Class we accommodate maximum of 10-12 students per class.

  8. I’ve been to Japan and stay there for some time, what program is suitable for me?

    If the aspiring student have been to Japan, can speak and understand Japanese but very limited, he/she needs to undergo our language assessment in order to provide an appropriate program suitable for his/her needs.